Three Reasons Why Bubbler Pipes Are So Popular­

Three Reasons Why Bubbler Pipes Are So Popular­


Three Reasons Why Bubbler Pipes Are So Popular­

Bubbler pipes have become some of the most popular flower-smoking devices on the market.  A hybrid between traditional bongs and pipes, bubblers use water for filtration but are smaller and more portable than bongs.  These little miracles offer notable advantages over other smoking forms. While they can be expensive, there’s such a large market for them that even the most cost-conscious smokers can find a bubbler that’s probably right for their particular needs.

Here’s a quick reference guide that helps explain the popularity of bubblers:

Cool as the Other Side of the Pillow

One challenge for the recreational marijuana enthusiast is figuring out how to minimize the occasional harshness you sometimes receive when firing up your favorite method of smoking.  It’s not an enjoyable sensation when you feel like you’re hacking up half a lung trying to catch a buzz.

Bongs and bubblers reduces the harshness with their water filtration systems as it keeps the direct flame at a distance.  Most bubbler devotees agree that the devices offer a clean, less abrasive toke than joints, , or pipes. Many of these devoted enthusiasts even like to put ice chips in the reservoir for an even cooler sensation.

Furthermore, bubblers tend to make the smoking session a tad less noticeable. This is in contrast to joints, which seem to announce, “We’re smoking flowers!” to anyone within a country mile. Additionally, the smell from bubblers is not nearly as pungent or pervasive as when smoking from a joint or .  The most awesome feature about bubblers is that your strain tends to burn cleaner and smoother. This results in less egregious waste of product for the cost-aware user.

Delivers the Goods

One of the primary reasons that bubblers remain popular with their fans is that it’s a pretty efficient system. With a clean burn, hand bubblers and mini-bubblers will provide maximum effect with relatively little waste or constant re-lighting.  While bubblers can’t match the  blast you get from massive bongs, they still generate a strong high that’s just right!

Of course, however, there is a very large disclaimer to remember here. The following quote is very familiar to regular users, “individual results may vary”.  Much of this though is dependent on a number of factors, including your own personal tolerance.  If you’re the type of enthusiast who smokes about a bale a day, you’re probably not going to want to stray too far away from your trusty bong.  However, for everyone else, bubblers might be the perfect choice as they deliver the goods without necessarily taking your head off.  Also, they’re handy enough that you can moderate your high to your own particular preference with relative ease. Most times users can adjust without sacrificing the potency or enjoyment of the session.

Editor’s Note:

Under the heading, “Variety is the Spice of Life,” it’s interesting to note that many flower smokers notice that when they switch up their method of smoking, often the results can be quite striking.  If you’ve been smoking a pipe or joints for a month, for example, you might notice that the buzz is stronger and longer-lasting with the new device. Similarly, if you’ve been using a bubbler for a number of weeks and then switch to a color-changing pipe, you might notice that your relative bake-age could become significantly more intense with the pipe. Either way, it’s worth investigating.

The Aesthetics of Bubblers

Even a cursory look at some of the bubblers at your on-line tobacco store will show you what bubbler users have learned already: bubblers are pretty damned cool-looking.  Many of the bubblers on the market are made of glass, and some of the designs are pretty intricate and striking.  You’re probably going to get more “Wow, look at that” from a bubbler than from a bong or pipe. Though, to be fair, some pipes and bongs have their own cool designs.  There’s always some bubbler-creating wizard who’s currently at work producing some truly amazing-looking bubbler that you’re going to want to share with friends.

Amazingly, many of the smaller bubblers are eminently portable, able to be tucked into a jacket’s pocket for a night out with little chance of becoming visible.  They may not be quite as easy to hide as a joint, however they’re not as noticeable as that water bong that’s approximately the size of a bonsai tree, either. 

Again, this is all a matter of personal preference, but there’s no denying that for a cool, efficient smoking session with an awesome-looking device, it’s hard to beat using a bubbler.  These are all the reasons why they remain one of the most popular items on the market.

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