The World of the Chillum Pipe

The World of the Chillum Pipe

The World of the Chillum Pipe

The World of the Chillum Pipe

Welcome to the world of the chillum pipe! You’ve inevitably seen them for sale on an online tobacco store or at your favorite local smoke shop. You might have taken a rip from one of these hand-blown glass bowls when smoking blatantly wasn’t an option. While mini bubblers, spoon bowls, hookahs, color changing pipes, and dab smoking may be all the rage, we’ve got a soft spot in our hearts for this less-heralded small smoking bowl.

We’re talking, of course, about the chillum.

Chillems (or “one-hitters” as they’re also known) are a crucial piece in any self-respecting stoner’s paraphernalia arsenal. These cool pipes are cheap, typically made from hand-blown glass, and designed for discrete use. They aren’t as flashy as mini bubblers or tricked-out bongs outfitted with the glitziest smoking accessories; they’re not supposed to be. Sometimes less is more, and when it comes to the chillum, this sentiment could not be more accurate.

What is a Chillum?

In the purest sense of the word, a one-hitter is little more than a tube that’s used for smoking flowers. There’s an opening at the end of the small smoking bowl where your cannabis is placed; at the other end is a hole from which you inhale you flower.

The biggest difference between a chillem and the traditional spoon bowls and glass bubblers your used to smoking out of is its shape and the positioning of the flower. Most bowls and pipes require you to place your flowers on top of and perpendicular to the channel through which the flower smoke flows. With a chillum, you’re placing it directly in line with the hole you’ll be inhaling from. There’s also no carb and no slide like you’ll find in a bong. Other than that, the essential function of these glass bowls are the same: tobacco goes in and smoke comes out.

How to Use a Chillum

The World of the Chillum Pipe

The World of the Chillum Pipe

At this point, you’re probably infatuated with the apparent simplicity of the product we’re describing. There are no slides, no water to place in a bowl and no vaporizer to worry about charging. Chillums have to be the easiest way to smoke on the planet, right?

Yes and no.

The design of these “tobacco” bowls is inherently simplistic, but the process of actually getting them to hit correctly is a bit tricky, especially for a first-time user. It can take some practice to understand how to get the most bang for your buck with these nifty pipes because they lack the perpendicular-style bowl we referenced earlier. When you pack your flowers into a mini bubbler or a spoon pipe, you can rest easy knowing that it’s not going anywhere. You’ll fire it up, take a hit, pass it around (if you’re feeling generous), then repeat the process until your fresh green herb is reduced to a pile of blackened ash.

When you smoke a chillem, you’re going to be engaging in a battle with the force that defines life on Earth: gravity. Because of the way the pipe is configured, your herb isn’t just going to sit perfectly still while you smoke to your heart’s content. If you drop the angle of this pipe below parallel to the floor, you’re going to pour your flower out. That’s a bad time for everyone involved. Conversely, if you tilt your head back and angle the pipe up to the sky like you’re playing a mean trumpet solo, you’re going to look ridiculous.

Don’t let this dissuade you from hitting up your favorite online smoke store for a one-hitter, though. They’re indeed easy to smoke; it just takes some time to get used to using a chillem. To get the most out of this particular style of glass bowl, we recommend not grinding all your flower as finely as you normally might. The reasoning here is that due to the “straight shot” design of the chillem, doing so can result in ash getting shot into your mouth. Not fun. Instead, break up a few nugs by hand, then pack the bowl tight . Don’t forget to make sure there’s still enough room for adequate air flow.

Once you’ve got your bowl packed and ready to go, angle it somewhere in the neighborhood of 15 degrees, light up, and inhale. Don’t go for the same type of massive rip you’d take from a bong – doing so can cause your flower to get dragged into the smoking channel. Instead, take a smooth puff and draw the smoke into your lungs. Presto! You’re smoking a chillum like a champion.

Alternately, you can grip the chillem between the knuckles of your second and third finger, angle it upward like before, and cup your hand to create a smoking chamber of sorts. Place your mouth between your thumb and pointer finger, create a seal by clenching your pinky finger to the rest of your hand, light up, and inhale.

At the end of the day, the chillem’s inherent benefit lies in its portability and price point. Most of the time when you buy cheap pipes from smoke stores, you get something that provides less-than-desirable results. This isn’t the case with the chillem. These small bowls pack quite a punch because they deliver the smoke directly to your lungs. There is no water to be filtered through, so while the initial hit can take you a bit by surprise, this makes using one an incredibly economical way to imbibe. Additionally, there’s also something incredibly retro about using one of these simple pieces in an age of electronic hubbly bubbly’s, insane bongs, and four-hose hookahs. There’s no frills or gadgetry; just you, a pipe, and the substance of your choice.

Finally, when it comes to finding cheap pipes for sale, the chillem just simply cannot be beat. You can grab one of these cool pipes for less than $10 at most tobacco shops. This makes the chillum an incredibly valuable investment.

Do yourself a favor and grab a chillum today. You’ll thank us the next time you need to puff discreetly.

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