Seller Protection Policy | Smoshe



We have created this Seller Protection Policy in order to shield merchants against chargebacks and unjustified claims of non-delivery or unauthorized transaction.  The Policy protects sellers’ funds if the transaction was paid via our platform.  We do not charge for protection under this Policy and do not limit the amount of covered shipments, as long as they meet policy requirements. By following our rules in regards to listing, selling, and shipping your item, we can help facilitate the correct outcome if a case is opened. Sellers should, thus, use shipping methods that will result in a receipt of the shipment (tracking).

The following are practices that we encourage sellers to refrain from:

–  Accepting shipping labels from buyers and/or using buyer shipping services (such as access to the buyer’s account). This will result in ineligibility for the transaction to be protected under Smoshe’s Seller Protection Policy. Dishonest buyers may entice you to use their shipping services so that they can re-route shipment and claim non-delivery.

–  Discarding proof of shipment. Retain your proof of shipment, online shipment tracking number and other shipment information for at least 180 days. Chargebacks can be filed for up to and beyond 180 days.

*Sellers must respond to our request for documentation and other relevant information within 3-business days.


This Seller Protection Policy does not apply to:

–  Claims that the item is “not as described”.

–  Items picked up in person.

–  Cases where seller receives multiple payments for the same order/transaction.

–  Illegal items (e.g. counterfeit products).

Other measures

Additional steps sellers can take to avoid disputes:

–  Provide accurate product descriptions and photos. 

–  Careful packaging, particularly for items made of glass.

–  Promptly respond to buyers’ requests. Sometimes, claims are filed simply because the seller failed to respond to the buyer’s messages in a reasonable time.

–  Do not delay to cancel any “out-of-stock” items. 


–  In the event of a refund, a hold or deduction will be issued against the seller’s account in the amount of the purchase plus shipping (if applicable).

–  Smoshe fees will be credited back to the seller’s account and ultimately the buyer once the refund is accepted.

–  In the event that the seller has recurrent refunds/claims or does not fully cooperate with Smoshe (e.g., fails to respond or reimburse Smoshe), the seller’s account may be suspended or terminated.

–  If the seller fails to reimburse Smoshe for money owed, we reserve the right to seek legal counsel to recuperate those funds and collection fees (i.e lawyer fees).