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Return Policy

Generally, refunds and exchanges will be accepted if requested within thirty (30) calendar days, however all buyers will need to refer to the seller’s shop policy to determine the sellers’ shop duration for refunds and/or exchanges. If a seller does not have a refund/exchange policy posted, the duration will be based on Smoshe, LLCs’ Return Policy (thirty calendar days).

Items shall only be accepted for a refund if the item is unused, undamaged, and in original packaging. In the event a refund is requested based on a product defect or otherwise damaged product, the buyer must notify the seller within three (3) calendar days of the delivery and may be required to supply photographs documenting such defect/damage. DO NOT USE the product if it is damaged. If the product is used, we cannot determine how the damage occurred. All items shipped will have the option for insurance coverage based on carrier policies (USPS Priority Mail, FEDEX and UPS) Please notify your seller if you desire insurance coverage.    

In the case of a buyer “no longer wanting the item”, a restocking fee of up to fifteen percent (15%) may apply to any and all refunds (refer to shop policies). Except for in instances of Seller mistake (i.e. shipping the wrong item) or damaged upon delivery, the buyer shall be solely responsible for payment of all return shipping and handling fees and understands further that no original shipping and handling fees shall be eligible for refund.

Exchanges will be determined by the discussion between buyer and seller. The seller will have shop polices listed for your review.