Plus glass 017 “Mint Open Mouth Dragon” heady art pipe with percolator

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Plus glass 017 "Mint Open Mouth Dragon" heady art pipe with percolator (#8377)

Plus glass 017 “Mint Open Mouth Dragon” heady art pipe with percolator

Net Weight:0.25 kg
Base Diameter: 7.5 Inches
Downstem:NA (not required)
Slide: Male 14 mm
Height: 7.5 Inches
Accessory: Herb Bowl
Slide Joint: Female 14 mm
Color: Mint

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–Why you open your mouth?

–I’m hungry now!

–What do you what to eat?

–Don’t ask the question that you have answer already!


A black dragon with horns, open the mouth and take you high.  

100% handmade with 8 years experienced craftsman, we put perclator in the pipe with 14 mm female slide, then no downstem needed now.

The latest member of this groundbreaking pipe design!

We`ve pushed the laws of physics to offer one of the smoothest experiences.  Picking up where other artists have been content to push this technique, the family wanted to utilize this technique but provide a more functional experience. It`s an up-grid and a down-grid; we wanted our stemline to be all around gridding. Similar techniques and functionality of our Barrel Stemline can be compared to a wide variety of gridded percolators on the market.


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