On the Hunt for The Right Hookah Kit

On the Hunt for The Right Hookah Kit

On the Hunt for The Right Hookah Kit

On the Hunt for The Right Hookah Kit

If you’ve been following along on our blog, you know that we’re crazy for hookah. This exotic, undeniably cool way of imbibing tobacco is one of our favorite past-times. Thats why we’re eager to share our expertise to help you find the perfect hookah to buy. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the options you see when you’re meandering through a smoke store. This can even be an issue when you are browsing your favorite tobacco online store. These sweet smoking pieces come in every shape and size which can make selecting the right hookah to buy an exhausting experience. Fortunately for you, we’ve put together a handy buyer’s guide that should help you select the perfect hookah. We consider the kit as a whole, including smoking accessories, shisha, and everything else you need for a dream setup. Here are four things you need to consider when selecting our favorite glass bowl for smoking, the hookah:

#1: Budget

The most obvious consideration is also the most important: setting a budget and sticking to it! Tobacco shops and online smoke stores carry hookahs in every size, shape, color and price. It’s easy to get suckered into spending more than you intended when you’re confronted by these cool smoking pieces. Stay focused! You don’t need to break the bank to get a great hookah for smoking. Buyers can actually get a great set up for anywhere between $50-$150. There’s nothing wrong with investing in an expensive statement piece, of course; just don’t feel obligated to drop hundreds of dollars on your first hookah.

#2: Number of Users

One of the main stylistic differences you’ll see from hookah to hookah is the number of hoses each possesses. Single, double, and quad hose setups are among the most popular hookahs you’ll find at any tobacco shop. Before you pull the trigger and purchase one, give some thought as to who will typically be using the hookah. Have a lot of roommates? Have an active social life, or live in a fraternity? Well, having extra hoses will be important.

If you’re primarily smoking on your own, however, a single-hose setup may be ideal. Passing the single hose amongst two friends is not a big deal. However smoking alone with a quad can be a task. This would require capping the three unused hoses. These extra accessories can easily be purchase from a smoking supply shop or online. This can become problematic, however, if you end up losing one of them (very easy to do). Additionally, the extra hoses can get a bit cumbersome if they’re frequently going unused. While the 4-hose setup does give your smoking piece a very cool look, unless you have a steady group of friends ready to rip at a moment’s notice, a 1- or 2-hose setup is likely all you need to get started.

#3: Storage & Portability

If you’ve ever meandered through rows of bowls and pipes in a tobacco shop, gazing in wonder at massive 3-foot-tall hookahs, you’ve probably thought about how awesome it would be to own one of these gargantuan hookahs yourself.

While we’ve all had similar daydreams, the fact of the matter remains that while these look great in smoke stores, they won’t in your home unless you’ve got some serious space to dedicate to your smoking pieces. If you live in a tiny single-bedroom apartment, finding a good place for a massive hookah will be akin to trying to park Humvee in a compact car spot. Rather than creating extra hassle for yourself and cluttering up your living space, find a hookah that you can envision in your home that meets all your needs. If you have a designated spot for your hookah and don’t plan on moving it often, go ahead and invest in a huge, ornate glass smoking bowl that can serve as both a hookah and a conversation piece.

If you don’t have a ton of space, enjoy smoking outdoors on occasion, or see yourself taking your new glass bowl on road trips, however, you’ll want to invest in a hookah that’s a bit more modest in size. There are a lot of great compact options available, many of which come with convenient travel storage cases, so you can take your hookah on the go with you whenever you please.

One final note when it comes to selecting a hookah that’s easy to store. Pay very close attention to the design, especially the base. You do not want a hookah with a very narrow base. It doesn’t matter how careful you are; at some point you’re going to bump into your hookah and the result can be devastating. Y

ou do not want it toppling over easily – especially if there’s a flaming charcoal sitting on top. A wider base helps prevent this, protecting your hookah and your carpet from harm.

#4: Smoking Supplies

On the Hunt for The Right Hookah Kit

On the Hunt for The Right Hookah Kit

Once you’ve selected the perfect glass hookah from an online tobacco company or smoke shop, you’ll want to make sure that you’ve got all the right supplies to make your inaugural smoke session a success. Most hookahs you buy online will come equipped with hoses, plugs, and tongs for positioning charcoal, but double check to ensure that yours does before adding it to your cart.

Assuming it does indeed include these basics, there are a number of other things you’ll need to buy to prepare for your first smoke on your new hookah. Coals and shisha are among the most obvious necessities, but additional mouthpieces and charcoal screens are also strongly recommended, both for sanitation/cleanliness and ease of use. Don’t be that guy (or girl) who has to spend ten minutes poking holes in aluminum foil prior to firing up your brand-new hookah. Charcoal screens are much more convenient and help your shisha burn more evenly to boot.

When you’re ordering your hookah smoking supplies from your favorite online tobacco shop, keep in mind that in this instance, less isn’t more – it’s less. Buy more shisha, screens, and coals than you think you’ll need. You’re going to inevitably a few coals and dump some shisha on the floor. Stock up accordingly so that if and when this does happen, you’re not forced to make a run to the local tobacco shop or – worse yet – cancel your hookah session entirely.

Once you’ve given some thought to what you’re comfortable spending when you buy a hookah, who’s going to primarily be using it and where, you’ve got all the information you need to make an informed purchase that you’ll enjoy for years on end. Happy shopping!


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