Ultimate Guide: How to Use Glass Water Pipes with Ice Catchers

Ultimate Guide: How to Use High Quality Water Pipes with Ice Catchers

Bongs and Water Pipes

Glass bongs and High Quality Water Pipes are one of the most efficient and cleanest ways to consume tobacco products. Also known as a bong, water pipes are a favorite among smokers because of their filtering features and artistic designs. Because of this, water bongs tend to be treasured by their owners. When smoking at home, they’ll typically become a person’s go-to smoking accessory.

A Short Background On Water Pipes

A glass pipe bong is very similar to a hookah, another type of water pipe. Hookahs are slightly different for two reasons: 1. they use a hose for a mouthpiece and 2. they can be set up so multiple people can smoke from the same bowl.

Bongs and High-Quality Water Pipes have historically been made from a variety of materials including wood, bamboo, ceramic and plastic. Today, the most common water pipes are made using hand-blown glass. Often created by artists, a majority of bongs today are works of art intended to be as beautiful as they are functional.

6 Basic Parts Of A Glass Water Pipe

There are six basic parts of glass bongs and water pipes meant for use with ice:

1.  Bowl

The bowl is a removable and replaceable attachment where the tobacco is loaded and lit. It can also function as a slide (or pull) carburetor.

2.  Carburetor or “Carb”

The carb is a small hole that allows smoke to clear the chamber. Common types of carbs are the slide (or pull) styles which expose the carb hole when the bowl is removed.

3.  Downstem

The downstem is the tube that goes from the bowl to the base. After lighting the bowl, the smoke travels through the downstem to the base where it will percolate through the water.

4.  Base

The base is the bottom of the water pipe. It can take many shapes and is most commonly used as the water chamber where the smoke is filtered.

5.  Tube and Mouthpiece

The tube is the chamber that fills with filtered smoke after it percolates through the water in the base chamber. The mouthpiece is the at the end of the tube. The tube is also where the ice catcher (or ice pinch) is located.

6.  Ice Catcher or Ice Pinch

Inside the tube of the water, pipe are small points that catch ice and prevent it from falling down into the water in the base chamber. Placing ice here allows for extra cooling of the filtered smoke as it travels up the tube to the mouthpiece.

These are the basic parts of a glass water bong and the most common setup of components. Keep in mind that there can be a lot of variation between pieces. Before you use a piece, make sure to get acquainted with its specific parts and the flow of the smoke through the different chambers. If you’re looking to buy online and have questions about the design of a specific tobacco pipe, use the seller contact feature of the Smoshe marketplace to ask the shop owner directly.

Advantages Of Bongs and High Quality Water Pipes Smoking

The biggest advantage of smoking from a high-quality water bong is its ability to cool and filter smoke. As the smoke percolates through the water, it becomes smoother and offers a more enjoyable hit even when inhaling a larger amount. The water pipe’s system also maintains the aroma and flavor better than when using rolling papers. When compared to standard spoon pipes, water pipes are much gentler on the throat and lungs because the filtered smoke is less harsh. Bubbler pipes are similar to water pipes but are more portable. The issue with bubblers is their portable size means smaller parts that are harder to clean.

How To Fill A Glass Bong With Water

It’s important to fill your bongs and water pipes with the right amount of water. You can pour it through the mouthpiece or the removable downstem. Usually it’s easiest to go through the mouthpiece which is typically wider. As for the water level, you want the downstem submerged enough for the water to act as a filter. Be careful not to pour in too much water because then the water may travel up the tube and come out of the mouthpiece when you take a hit, or it can bubble up out of the carb hole.

How To Place Ice In A Water Pipe

You’ll want to use regular ice cubes that can fit through your water pipe’s mouthpiece. If your water pipe has an ice pinch, that’s ideal but you can also place cubes in the base chamber along with the water. It will cool the smoke more than the water alone but it isn’t the best way for the water to filter. Don’t put too many ice cubes in the tube because it can interfere with the mouthpiece when you go to use it.

How To Clean Bongs and Water Pipes

To maintain your water pipe, you’ll want to clean it regularly and often. This promises the best smoking experience because a dirty bong with a lot of buildup will start to taste bad. You can purchase chemical cleaners that you pour into the pipe, shake, and rinse. Or for tougher buildup, some stronger cleaners are available that require a couple hours of soaking before rinsing.

The best way to clean any glass piece is with isopropyl alcohol. It’s the most affordable and does the job better than many chemical cleaners. Look for 91-99% pure alcohol, and add salt as an abrasive to scrub off stubborn buildup. You can also microwave the alcohol first and then pour it in the pipe. Shake the piece and you’ll see the hot solution melt away the grime. If you’d like to recycle the alcohol for cleaning other pieces, simply pour it through a coffee filter and reuse.

It’s highly recommended that you clean every few uses to ensure your hits are smooth and tasty. Most importantly, no matter how you decide to clean your piece, make sure to use hot water to rinse the pipe out completely. If you can smell any chemicals or alcohol, it’s not safe to use so keep rinsing till there’s no smell left.

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