How to Negotiate | Smoshe

Negotiate (How It Works)

The Negotiate Option is an important feature of the Smoshe platform. Though it may not be available for every item, it will come in handy when it is.

How It Works for the Seller

After listing a product, return to “my shop”, followed by “items”. Displayed will be a list of items that have been authorized to sell on the site. If desired, the seller can enable the negotiation feature by clicking on the negotiation box. This will allow buyers to negotiate the quantity and the price per item of a product.

Once the seller has received the offer, the seller will have the ability to accept, adjust, or reject the offer.

How It Works for the Buyer

After finding a desired item, if it is enabled, the negotiate button/feature will be present in the top right corner of the item’s page. Once clicked, the buyer will be able to input the desired quantity and price per item. The total amount will be displayed prior to submission of the offer.

After submission, the seller will have a chance to evaluate the offer and chose to accept, adjust, or reject the offer.