Hookah on TV and “The Big Screen”

Hookah on TV and “The Big Screen”

Aside from the delicious flavors, all the insane smoke tricks it affords, and the communal nature of smoking hookah, what’s the one thing that draws people to it like moths to lamps?

It just plain looks cool.

The glass bowl, the intricate smoking supplies, the entire art deco-type vibe it gives off; it’s easily the most interesting form of tobacco smoking around. There’s a reason so many online smoke stores have these cool pipes for sale. It’s because in a social media-fueled society, looking cool matters – even when it comes to your smoking piece!

You don’t have to take my word for it. Exhibit 1: Hollywood. Cool pipes and intricate hookah setups have become a mainstay in movies and TV shows alike. It’s usually used for the purpose of conveying the smoker’s inherent nonchalance. In fact, with the growing popularity of these gorgeous hand-blown glass bowls, that trend is only going to increase. Check out some of our favorite big screen hookah cameos below!

Alice in Wonderland

 You can probably trace your desire to buy a hookah to this Disney childhood classic. Stumbling through the Wonderland forest, Alice is drawn to the sound of music and singing, only to discover that the noise is coming from an incredibly trippy caterpillar perched atop a mushroom. Though their interaction is brief, the caterpillar in question is credited with one of the most famous hookah smoking scenes in all of cinema. Throughout his chat with Alice, he puffs merrily away on a single-hose hookah, blowing smoke bubbles, letters, and even dragons at his befuddled guest. While he’s admittedly a bit creepy, you can’t knock his ability to perform awesome smoking tricks.

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

There’s no better atmosphere for two rival archaeologists to tersely threaten one another than a hookah lounge in Cairo. Believing that the always debonair Dr. Rene Emile Belloq is responsible for the death of his charge and romantic interest, Marion Ravenwood, whip-toting Indiana Jones confronts the Frenchman as he languidly puffs on a shisha-packed hookah. Their banter is witty but brimming with hostility. At one point, Indy says he should kill the man right then and there. Scores of Arab shisha smokers watch the encounter while they smoke their own hookahs; it ends without violence but remains a fascinating scene that further establishes the pair as equal parts bright, menacing, and undeniably cool.

Sex and the City 2

If you’re wondering what the polar opposite of the scene from Indiana Jones is, it’s this one from Sex and the City 2. There isn’t any grumbling from Harrison Ford, there’s no monkey to be seen, and the hookah pipe being passed around isn’t used as a device to convey the inherent coolness of a criminal French archaeologist. Instead, its purpose is solely for obvious innuendos, which is exactly what you’d expect from this TV and movie franchise. Nevertheless, it does highlight that hookah smoking isn’t just for the most badass Nazi fighting men among us – it’s for women, too!

Star Wars

Hookah on TV and “The Big Screen”

It turns out George Lucas is a big fan of hookah. One of the Star Wars franchise’s most iconic characters, Jabba the Hutt, is almost always seen with an intergalactic looking hookah by his side. While his piece is up there with color changing pipes and electronic hubbly bubblys in terms of sex appeal, we’ll stick with a tried-and-true glass smoking bowl any day of the week.


It also turns out that the team at Disney in the early 1990’s had a thing for hookah too! In one particularly gut-busting scene, a merchant, voiced by the late Robin Williams, is peddling his wares. Included in his offerings? A hookah that doubles as a coffee maker and can also (apparently) make chili and fries. While we don’t get to see it in action and are thus a bit skeptical of these claims, it just goes to show that hookah’s presence in the film world cannot be overstated.


When the merry band of stonerpreneurs aren’t dab smoking, ripping mini bubblers, or packing chillems, they’re enjoying another kind of smoking: hookah! After rescuing an awesome twin-pipe hookah from storage, Doug and Uncle Andy sit down for a relaxing shisha-burning session. It doesn’t get much better.

The Office

No list of hookah in television would be complete Hookah on TV and “The Big Screen”without this episode from The Office. In the wake of reports of drug use on company grounds, the always-informed Michael Scott takes it upon himself to educate his coworkers on the dangers of hard drugs. Included in his list next to some of the most devastating street drugs around? Hookah. His misunderstanding of what hookah is – specifically, tasty, delicious tobacco smoked from a glass bowl – is made all the more hilarious by the fact that it’s his chief nemesis, Toby, who points out his mistake.

Where Can You See Hookah on the Big Screen?

There are countless other instances of these incredible bowls and pipes appearing in television shows or on the big screen. The ominous long-haired twins in The Matrix Reloaded unwind with a bit of shisha puffed from a hookah prior to breaking into a legendary fight seen, dogs are spotted smoking hookah in the spoof hit Scary Movie 4, and there’s even a rumor that a hookah can be spotted in the background of a scene from one of the most famous films of all time, Casablanca. When it comes to looking cool or exotic, tobacco bowls and pipes just can’t compare to the hoses, stems, glass bowls, and crackling coals that are all synonymous with hookah smoking.

The next time you plop down on the couch to binge the latest Netflix hit series, be on the lookout for hookahs, color changing pipes, hand-blown glass bowls and the like. You’ll be surprised at how omnipresent these fun little smoking accessories are in TV and cinema. If you’re anything like us, seeing them on the screen will have you firing up a new Chrome tab and navigating to your favorite tobacco online store to buy a new hookah online in no time!


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