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Frequently Asked Questions


Account Basics

How do I set up an account?

At the top right corner of website, users will see the “Register” link. This is where users will create a username and password, ultimately setting up the user account.

How do I create my profile?

Once the user has created a username and password and has signed in, select “my account” (top right corner). The user’s profile page will be displayed. Here the user can enter their profile information. The user also has the ability to upload a profile picture.
How do I change my password? Users can change their password by selecting “My Account” then the “My Settings” link under the user’s profile pic. Here the user will need to fill out sections, “new password”, “confirm password” and “current password”.
 How do I delete my account?


To completely delete a user account. Please message Smoshe at the following email:

User/Buyer Information

How do I edit profile?


Users may edit their profile by selecting “My Account” followed by “My Profile”. Enter desired text and click Submit.
How do I buy an item?


Registered users are allowed to purchase items on Smoshe. We restrict purchases to registered users so that in the event of an issue (i.e. refund, exchange, etc.), Smoshe and Smoshe sellers will have all necessary buyer information needed to resolve said issue.


Selecting an item: Buyers can select to place items in the shopping cart via the product page (click on the shopping cart that is displayed with the product) or click on the product and add the item to the cart buy selecting “add to cart”.

How do I negotiate an item? If a seller has enabled a product for negotiation, the “negotiation” button will be visible on the product page, to the right of “Add To Cart”.


Select “Negotiate Price”. A popup will be displayed that will allow users to input quantity, and price per item. A total price of the order will be displayed. Click submit. The seller will have the option to accept/reject or adjust the offer.

How do I filter my search?


Users searching for product to purchase can filter items in several different ways:

1.     Select “Shop” in the main menu bar to search through all items. Once on this page, users can filter by category, price, name and color

2.     Select category in the main menu bar.

Note. Not all categories are listed in the main menu bar.

3.     Type in the name of a specific product in the search section within the main menu bar

4.     Users may also search by selecting the name of a seller’s shop. When buyers find a product that they like, the name of the seller’s shop will be displayed. Click on the Shop’s name.

How do I message a shop owner? Messaging a shop owner is fairly simple.

1.     While on the product page, a link for messaging will be visible next to “Add to Cart”.

2.     While on the product page, select the seller’s shop name (below the product picture). On the Shop’s page, users will be able to message the seller via the messaging link next to “Favorite”.

How can I rate/favorite my seller’s products and/or Shop? There are several ways to rate/favorite/like a sellers item(s), or shop.

1.     To rate a product: Open the product’s page, locate “reviews”. A link to “Add Review” will be present. 1-5 star ratings will be based on the following: 5 – Perfect; 4 – Good; 3 – Average; 2 – Not that Bad; 1 – Very Poor. Please leave a description as to why the item is rated as such.

Note. Please do not leave a review if you have not purchased the item from the seller.

2.     To favorite a product: Open the product’s page, locate “Add To Cart”. Next to “Add To Cart” will be the “Favorite” link. Click

3.     To like a Shop: Open the product’s page, beneath the product’s image and details will be the shop’s information. Click on the shop’s name. On the Shop’s profile page, there will be a link to favorite.

Seller Information

How do I set up My Shop? Hover over “My Account” and select the subcategory “Set Up Shop”. This will take users to the shop’s profile page. Here, users will need to enter the shop’s profile information. A profile picture for the shop can also be added in this section. Once all of the shop’s information is complete, click submit.
What can I sell on Smoshe? Smoshe Marketplace specializes in tobacco smoking products. We would like to keep the site focused in this area, however you may submit approval for any product. Though sellers may submit approval for any product, we may ultimately decide to reject the sale of the submitted product.


Note. Items must be “New”.

Note: If a product does not have a category, we will create one for it.

Note:  Refrain from using illegal terms on this site. Item descriptions will be changed or removed if illegal messaging is displayed.

What items are not allowed to be sold on Smoshe? Tobacco, any illegal substances, used products. All products are reviewed prior to publication.
How do I add an item to sell? Select “My Account” then select “My Shop” then “Items”. On the item page, click add item. Fill out all applicable information in the open fields. Please add a main product photo and additional gallery images in the specified fields. Once complete, submit for review.
How do I add a variation? To add a variation of a specific product, the product must first be approved. After approval, select “My Account” then select “My Shop” then “Items”. On the item page, find the product and click the edit link. Find the “Attribute” link. Select the “+” symbol. This will provide a section where the user can input the attribute that will differentiate the items (i.e. color, height, etc). Provide the attribute then enter the attribute options (i.e red, blue, green; spaced with a comma). Click “Save Changes”.


Example 1:


After you have saved the changes, users will note the attribute that has been added. Proceed to “Variations” and select the “+” link. Here you will select the attribute (color). Click on your products’ attribute (color) and a dropdown menu of the attribute options will appear (red, blue, green). Select the attribute option, enter the stock amount and price. At this point, users will need to select the “+” link again to add the second attribute option. Once all variations are added, click save changes.


Example 2:



Example 3:


To save time, variations can be added all at once. If the seller has 3 variations, click the “+” link 3 times (Variation section). This will bring up 3 variation boxes. Select the attribute option for each box, add the stock quantity and price for sale. Save changes.


Example 4

When will my item be published? Items submitted for “sale” on Smoshe will be approved/rejected within 24hrs.
How do I edit/revise my listing? Select “My Account” then select “My Shop” then “Items”. On the “Item” page find the product that requires editing. Select the edit icon, edit the product description and save changes.
How do I enable the negotiation feature for an item? To enable the negotiation feature, select “My Account” then select “My Shop” then “Items”. A list of approved items will be listed on the “Items” page. In the heading of the list, “negotiation” is listed. Find the item that is to be negotiated. Once found, select the box in the negotiation column.
How do I cancel the negotiation feature? To disable/cancel the negotiation feature, select “My Account” then select “My Shop” then “Items”. A list of approved items will be listed on the “Items” page. In the heading of the list, “negotiation” is listed. Find the enabled negotiation product. Once found, de-select the box in the negotiation column.
How do I negotiate an item? After listing a product, return to “my shop”, followed by “items”. Displayed will be a list of items that have been authorized to sell on the site. If desired, the seller can enable the negotiation feature by clicking on the negotiation box. This will allow buyers to negotiate the quantity and the price per item of a product.

Once the seller has received the offer, the seller will have the ability to accept, adjust, or reject the offer.

How can I dispute a rating/review?


Sellers may dispute a rating/review by messaging Smoshe support at The rating/review will be investigated by our support team within 24-72hrs.
Shop Policies


All Shops created on Our Smoshe Marketplace website must agree and abide by Smoshe Marketplace policies, as a base. Any additional/more specific instructions may be displaced in the policy box.
Vacation mode




Sellers may chose to put their shop in vacation mode. Sellers will need to message support at with the request. Please provide the following:

1.     Shop Name

2.     Shop Security Code

3.     Date of Closure (Month, Day, Year)

4.     Date to Re-Open (Month, Day, Year)


How much is shipping



Shipping prices will be determined by the seller. Prices will vary depending on carrier and or class of shipping chosen.
Shipping and tracking


Sellers are encouraged to provide tracking for all items shipped. Though at this time we do not provide onsite shipping integration, the seller is provided a section in “my orders” for input of the shipping carrier and tracking number. Smoshe is working hard to integrate shipping.

Note. Please refer to the Seller’s Protection Policy for more information regarding shipping/tracking information.

How long does it take to receive my item?


Sellers are encouraged to ship items within 2 business days. Standard shipping may take 2-5 days.

Note. Once items are shipped, the seller has no control over how fast the Carrier delivers items to the buyer.

Payment, Returns, Cancellations

What payment methods are available



Payments through Smoshe Marketplace are made through
Can I use paypal? No. Paypal will not accept payments for tobacco products.
As a seller, how do I get paid? Sellers are paid on the 1st and 15th of each month if a withdrawal is requested. Please refer to “Fees and Payout” for better understanding.
How do I cancel/return an order?











Buyers may submit a request to cancel an item. Please message the seller first, there may be a better resolution.


Go to “My Account” then select “My Orders”. Find the order that requires cancellation and select the order number. At the bottom of the order description there is a link to cancel the order.


Once submitted the seller will get the request, however if the item has been shipped, the item must be returned prior to issuing the refund.


If a reasonable resolution cannot be made, the buyer can “dispute the order”. The overview of the dispute process is covered in the “Buyer’s Protection Policy

How do I exchange an item?


Please message the seller for exchanges. If a reasonable resolution cannot be made, the buyer can “dispute the order”. The overview of the dispute process is covered in the “Buyer’s Protection Policy
Who pays return shipping? The return shipping will be dependent on several factors which are covered in “Terms of Use”, section 6.4
What are my shops fees? A seller’s shop fees are covered in “Fees and Payout
Do I have to pay for Chargebacks? Yes. If a buyer submits a request for a return from his/her credit card and they win the request, the seller’s account will be deducted the amount of the chargeback (approximately around $25.00, prices may vary). To help in defending the charge back, please upload shipping information.  We will do our best to defend the chargeback. You can review Chargebacks in “Terms of Use”; sections 4.2 and 5.4


Intellectual Property Infringement/Copyright Infringement Please refer to “Terms of Use”; Sections 4.4 and 7.1. Message support at to report infringement.

Site Issues

How do I let Smoshe know about a system issue?


Please contact support at Thanks!