What’s So Special About Bubbler Pipes?

The Bubbler Pipe is one of the most popular smoking apparatuses among the many for smokers within the community. Luckily Smoshe Marketplace carries the largest selection of Bubbler pipes with the greatest discounted prices. Our Bubbler Pipes are supplied by various sellers from every region across the United States. Because of this, Smoshe always has the latest designs from some of the best artists. With that being said, an explanation of what’s so great about the bubbler pipe is needed.


Bubbler Pipe Functionality

The bubbler pipe is not your ordinary glass pipe. Many smokers can remember back to the first time that they tried a bubbler pipe. The first thought upon laying their eyes upon the pipe, I’m sure, was how awesome shape of the piece is. Additionally, the smoothness of the toke is highly impressive. So, how does this bubbler pipe produce this smooth smoke? The bubbler pipe is created with a chamber base that has the ability to hold water. Also, the pipe has a down stem attached to its bowl which can be submerged into the water for filtration. Subsequently, smoke particles, resins and tars are trapped in the water during the smoking process, resulting in a smooth smoking experience.


Why Bubblers Pipes?

These are many reasons to use bubbler pipes in addition to the ones mentioned above. In regards to the substances that can be smoked from the pipe, smokers can use dry herbs, concentrates or oils depending on the bubbler’s functionality. Some bubblers have attachments that can be switched out to accommodate the type of substance you select to smoke, including glass and titanium nails or just your regular bowl option.


Types of Bubbler Pipes

There are several different designed bubbler pipes. These high quality glass pipes come in the following shapes: Hammer Pipe, Side Car pipe, Double Chamber Bubblers, Mini bubbler, Jumbo bubbler and your run of the mill Standard bubbler.

Hammer pipe

The Hammer pipe is named after the commonly used house hold tool, the hammer. The shape of the pipe is what yields its name. The hammer pipe is typically created with a large smoking chamber formed in a cylindrical shape with a smaller, slim smoking chamber sprouting off the chamber forming the smoking stem. It is a party favorite and with a great design, anyone would be a fan of this piece.

SideCar Pipes

Sidecar Pipes

The sidecar pipe is a unique pipe that is similar to the hammer pipe. The sidecar pipe too has a large cylindrical smoking chamber where the bowl is located and a smoking stem extending from this chamber. However, the placement of the smoking chamber is different. For the hammer pipe the extension is straight off the smoking chamber, however with the sidecar pipe, the smoking stem is just adjacent to the smoking chamber, similar to the placement of a motorcycle with a sidecar attached. This piece is also an amazing piece to have as it provides all of the great features of a bubbler pipe however its unique design gets the party started!

Double Chamber Bubblers

Double Chamber Bubblers

By far the most impressive bubblers are the multi-chambered bubblers, like the double chamber bubbler. This awesome piece is shaped like the traditional bubbler with an extra chamber extending from it. These unique bubblers allow for the smoke produced from the smoking substances to be filtered multiple times before inhalation. Consequently, the smoke inhaled is smother as it contains significantly less smoke particles, resins and tars. In addition to the double chamber bubbler, there are triple and quadruple chambered bubblers. These are a must have!


Mini Bubblers and Jumbo Bubblers

These bubblers are exactly what they sound like. A standard bubbler measures, in height, approximately 4.5 to 5 inches. The height of a mini bubbler measures anywhere from 2.5 inches to 4 inches. This increases the ability to transport and conceal the pipe. The jumbo bubbler typically measures 6 to 8 inches. This increased size allows for larger smoke clouds and just a more impressive piece.


Where Can I Get One?

The best place to get a bubbler pipe or any unique version of a bubbler pipe is, hands down, Smoshe! Smoshe has a unique platform where sellers from across the nation can display their unique designs and sell them to smoking consumers. This allows for a diverse collection of pieces. The platform is easy to use and the blogs are interesting. Hence, Check us out!

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