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Three Reasons Why Bubbler Pipes Are So Popular­

  Three Reasons Why Bubbler Pipes Are So Popular­ Bubbler pipes have become some of the most popular flower-smoking devices on the market.  A hybrid between traditional bongs and pipes, bubblers use water for filtration but are smaller and more portable than bongs.  These little miracles offer notable advantages over other smoking forms. While they […]

­So You Want to Start a Smoke Shop

­So You Want to Start a Smoke Shop For anyone who’s been thinking about opening a smoke shop, 2018 might be the perfect time.  With many states passing cannabis-tolerant legislation, and with the explosion in popularity of vaping, e-cigarettes, and hookahs, the opportunities for business entrepreneurs in this market has increased dramatically in the past […]

Pipes vs. Papers, What’s Your Preference? Pipes vs. Papers, What’s Your Preference? It’s the eternal “either/or” question, like “paper/plastic,” “boxers/briefs,” “Red Sox/Yankees,” or “Fleet Foxes/Father John Misty”—where do you stand in the great “Pipes vs. Papers” debate? Are you a minimalist who prefers going to your local smoke shop, loading up on papers, and crafting […]

The World of the Chillum Pipe Welcome to the world of the chillum pipe! You’ve inevitably seen them for sale on an online tobacco store or at your favorite local smoke shop. You might have taken a rip from one of these hand-blown glass bowls when smoking blatantly wasn’t an option. While mini bubblers, spoon […]

2018 Cannabis Festivals: 5 Must Attend Events Summer is finally here, and you know what that means: it’s time to hit up your favorite smoke shop, pack up your various bowls and pipes, your glass bubbler, your “wake and bake” coffee mug, and toss ’em in the car. You’re ready to get the hell out of […]

On the Hunt for The Right Hookah Kit If you’ve been following along on our blog, you know that we’re crazy for hookah. This exotic, undeniably cool way of imbibing tobacco is one of our favorite past-times. Thats why we’re eager to share our expertise to help you find the perfect hookah to buy. It’s easy […]

Hookah on TV and “The Big Screen”

Hookah on TV and “The Big Screen” Aside from the delicious flavors, all the insane smoke tricks it affords, and the communal nature of smoking hookah, what’s the one thing that draws people to it like moths to lamps? It just plain looks cool. The glass bowl, the intricate smoking supplies, the entire art deco-type […]