3 Entertaining Games You Can Play While Smoking Hookah

Is there anything better than a hookah? We’ve all been entranced by these insane tobacco bowls since we first saw that crazy caterpillar puffing on them in Alice in Wonderland as children. There’s just something intoxicating about intricate smoking pieces like hookahs – everything from the set up to the merch to the various smoking supplies you can use to trick yours out suggests a smoking experience unlike any other. Which the hookah truly is.

You can buy a hookah online from a tobacco shop, snag one from the local vapor shop or smoke store, or even pick one up from Smoshe.com, along with all the other smoking accessories you might need.

Regardless of whether you purchase your hookah and tobacco online or from a smoke shop, the first thing you’re going to want to do once you get it home is call up your friends, pack it full of shisha, and light it up. Smoking hookah is the perfect communal activity. It’s relaxing, ritualistic, and incredibly entertaining – especially when you add these three awesome hookah smoking activities into the mix!

There’s a theory that people wouldn’t enjoy smoking nearly as much if they weren’t able to actually see the smoke. If you’ve ever ripped a clogged or cheap pipe, you’ve probably already found this to be true: it’s incredibly unsatisfying to take a puff of anything from your smoking piece, only to have the resulting cloud fail to live up to your expectations.

Fortunately, failed clouds are an issue smokers seldom run into when buying a hookah. These insanely cool pipes produce some of the gnarliest smoke clouds around, and there’s an endless number of fun things you can do with said smoke.

Hookah Games

#1: Blow Smoke-filled Bubbles with a Hookah

 3 Entertaining Games You Can Play While Smoking Hookah

3 Entertaining Games You Can Play While Smoking Hookah

One of our personal favorite things to do with a glass hookah is put a twist on the childhood practice of blowing bubbles. Instead of filling the bubbles with air, we fill them with thick, billowy hookah smoke – and the result is always fun to watch.

The first thing you’re going to want to do is create bubbles and a wand that’s fit for the absolute cloud of smoke your smoking piece produces. In this instance, the flimsy plastic wand and the two ounces of bubble solution aren’t going to cut it. Instead, take the cardboard from a paper towel roll (or a toilet paper roll if you’re really in a pinch), peel off any straggling paper, and set it aside.

Next, fill a bowl with a mixture of water and dish soap. Don’t fret about the proportions as there is no absolute ratio. Make sure the soap is well-mixed and that the bowl is wide enough to accommodate the paper towel roll.

Now for the fun part. Once you’ve got all your smoking supplies properly set up, submerge the paper towel roll end into the bubble solution. This is to be done until a film of liquid covers the end entirely. Tap the sides against the bowl to get rid of any excess, and, with the paper towel roll in one hand, take a big rip from your beautiful glass bowl with the other. Bring the paper towel roll up to your mouth, then gently exhale the hookah smoke with enough force to create a bubble at the end of the roll. Once the bubble has reached a good size, quickly but smoothly move the paper towel roll away from the bubble. This will result in separation; now watch in awe as it gently floats and bounces around the room.

Smokers rarely succeed on their first try. If you fail, try and try again! Seriously, there’s nothing like watches bubbles of hookah smoke gently burst. It’s borderline hypnotizing.

Pro tip: The paper towel roll will start to degrade after repeated dunkings in the soap solution. Try to limit the amount of soap used for this trick. You can also wrap the ends in aluminum foil to give it a bit more protection.

#2: Ring Toss

One of the most fun and basic things to do once you buy a hookah is learn to blow those ornate smoke rings that the aforementioned caterpillar so excelled at. Hookah smoke is the perfect medium with which to perfect this craft. The smoke is so much thicker than what you’ll find in most other forms of tobacco. Furthermore, the hookah is far preferable for this trick to small smoking bowls, mini bubblers, or chillums. Its unique design allows you to draw a whole lot more smoke in with each breath.

Once you and your friends have mastered the art of blowing smoke rings, there’s only one natural course of action. And that is, smoke ring blowing contests! While you can obsess over whose smoke ring is the biggest, an easier-to-judge game involves selecting a small object and attempting to surround it in one of your luscious cloudy smoke rings in a game of PIG or HORSE.

Example setup: Tyrone takes a big puff from his smoke store-bought hookah and sends a ring of smoke cleanly around the apartment doorknob. Andre is up next, but her smoke ring is off target and doesn’t come close to the doorknob. Andre now has a “P” and it’s Tyrone’s turn to find a new target.

#3: Pass It On

There’s a reason why you invest in glass bowls for smoking, and that’s because smoking hookah with your friends is fun. Sharing, after all, is caring, which is the theme of this next hookah smoking activity!

The objective here is to essentially play catch with hookah smoke. The smoke is passed back and forth until ultimately your opponent is unable to pass it back to you. Start off by filling your smoking bowl with shisha and sparking it up as you normally would. Take a massive rip of the smoke and direct your exhale toward the next person in line. The smoker will then inhale the floating smoke before passing it along to the next person. This will continue until one of your fellow players is unable to adequately pass the smoke along. It’s the perfect party game with endless possibilities. To really take things up a notch, add a shot or beer bong disqualification “penalty”. These add-ons will surely make the experience memorable!


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